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my top five merced out shoes? Hmm, I got to go with:

  1. New Balance 574 “Black Patent”
  2. Air Jordan III “5Lab3”
  3. Air Jordan IV “Black Cat”
  4. Adidas Pro Model II X Big Sean “Blackout” 
  5. Adidas Stan Smith “Black on Black” 

my top five coked out shoes? Uh, in no order in particular:

  1. Nike Air Max 1 “Independence Day” 
  2. Nike Air Huarache
  3. Vans Sk8 Hi
  4. Nike Foamposite One “White Out” 
  5. Reebok DMX 10 “Whites Collection” 

Fright Night as a tv series would be amazing man. take the first movie and expand that into a season long nightmare of suspense and dread. sort of like how they did with Dusk Till Dawn. season two would be a rehash of the second movie albeit in a new location. the third season could be charlie going to college and fighting vampires on the side to make money.

I used to hate the air force one with a passion. I mean it was a cool design but it always appeared to be to long on the foot but idk. I remember having a white pair and trying to keep them in shape. I’d probably only mess with the highs though.