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I’m alone, again. I like to keep the lights off and the thermostat down to the coldest temperature because it reminds of winter. No one is ever alone in during the winter. So much togetherness and love during that time. My laptop has begun to overheat so I shut it down and push it to the side. There isn’t anything on tv at this point in the night, just pointless reality shows about fake loves and manufactured connections. At least they get to meet people though. For me the common room has become sort of a second home, well away from my dorm room. I like to come here late at night, plug up my laptop to the tv and watch straight 90’s tv shows for hours on end. I do it most nights, even on weekends. Everyone else goes out and has great times from what I hear but I don’t know how to get to that level. Maybe, somewhere, in an alternate universe I have friends and I go out places. Maybe in that world I look forward to going to football and basketball games, to leaving my room and actually eating out with friends. I don’t know. Hopefully something happens soon.  


The Matrix