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Terry Crews is an American treasure and should be treated as such. 

dudes who talk about the Penny and Barkley lines being slept must have been living under a rock for the past 8 years. while there are certain sigs within each line that are slept on, overall each line gets so much love from Nike and co year after year. if we’re talking about slept on signature lines we’re talking about my boy Gary Payton and those GP II’s. we’re talking Scottie Pippen and them Pippen IV’s. I’m talking Sheryl Swoopes and those clean ass Swoopes I’s. we’re not even talking Penny 1’s or Barkley Max’s anymore. I’m talking about those Answer 3’s or those T-Bug’s. slept on doesn’t mean getting an almost annual release or an updated material transfer. I’m talking about Shaq and those Dunk Mob’s or Kemp and the Reignman series. all underrated shoes and well deserving of retros. 

11’s are iconic. there’s no understating that. despite that fact I couldn’t rap my mind around the patent leather. it was just asking to be scratched and scuffed. I respect them and they’re beyond clean. 12’s are pretty much the same situation but it was the words of a friend that made me look at them in a different light. I remember my friend saying that 12’s looked exaggeratedly long on foot. in retrospect they’re fine but they do look kind of long on foot. 13’s are a nice visual concept but I don’t find them that great. 14’s are the wine to the first trilogy’s bread. some ugly colorways recently have made me wary of their future but those ferrari’s have got to be one of the hottest shoes of the year. and on that note let’s all just forget the jordan 15. 

Jordan 6’s are real clean but I only really mess with the black/white infrared set. the carmines and olympics are legendary but they’re better admired from a far. if the 6 comes with a clean white upper and a dab of another color, sort of like the september blues then they’re cool but anything like the infrared 23’s then I can’t with them. 7’s are another model that I used to love but now they’re just ok to me. 8’s are a model I live by, like these are my favorite J’s for the longest. you can’t tell me anything about 8’s man. now looking at them they’re very clunky to me. beautiful but clunky. a must have oddity birthed by the 90’s. now 9’s used to annoy the hell out of me. they looked so simple and generic in my eyes. if you left them on a shelf with a whole bunch of other models released that year, you probably wouldn’t even notice them. looking at them now, 9’s are almost always clean in every colorway I see them in. don’t get me started on 10’s man. although Jordan brand has been draping these classic in the ugliest colorways lately, that doesn’t matter because that city series is one of the greatest themed packs to ever drop. throughout all time. throughout all parallel universes. throughout this plane of existence.  

I used to think I had love for every flagship Jordan but after years of seeing people wear them and the noticing how well certain models work with clothing I narrowed down my list. Jordan 1’s, 2’s and 3’s are just clean in the purest sense of the word. you can walk out side in nothing but a clean pair of cement 3’s and calf socks and a garbage bag and you’ll still get outfit of the day on a billion blogs. 4’s are like an upgraded 3 so you can’t go wrong with them. I used to like the 5’s, like you don’t even understand. those metallic 5’s were my grails for the longest. nowadays 5’s just look chunky to me and I don’t like the way the tongue sits. 

one of the most disappointing things for me has to be an artist releasing some great mixtapes then dropping a lackluster album. it’s like going to a business meeting, presenting some blueprints to a series of extravagant mansions and then building a wooden shack instead. 

blacks, whites and grays are always a staple in the wardrobe. the primal basics that you build on.

a good ghost rider entry into the marvel cinematic universe would be so clutch. but thanks to the wonderful acting of nicholas cage and the amazing direction of several other people, it’s gonna be a good while before we see any iteration of ghost rider. I’ve always kind of messed with ghost rider on the low. it’s like someone took easy rider and tossed it in a blender with the exorcist. the closest thing I could see for a ghost rider coming into another medium would be a television show. think of it in the same vein as other superhero shows but diced in with supernatural. you’d have a young johhny blaze, post deal with mephisto, riding endlessly around the country fighting various supernatural enemies. you could pull some of the rogues from the comic mythos, add in some marvel team-ups every now and then and you can’t tell me that it wouldn’t be dope.

despite the massive amount of excess and unoriginal content through the period, I love slashers from the 80’s. small budgets spent mostly on big kills, horrible acting and a killer with some kind of visual setup that separates them from the other 200 masked killer movies released in that decade.  

if you like fresh prince of bel-air more than martin we can’t be cool like that. 

if the NBA changed its postseason format to the 16 best teams in the entire league as opposed to the eight best teams in their respective conferences I think that would make for an interesting watch. hell we may end up with a majority West led playoff spectrum.