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streamline the whole lethal weapon franchise. I’m keeping the first, second and the fourth. the third was kind of forgettable but those first two? classic action cinema. the fourth wraps everything nice, with jet li killing that villain role and chris rock bringing some much needed humor. 

streamline the whole die hard franchise. I’m keeping the first, second, third and fourth. one and three are bonafide action movie classics. the second is kind of unnecessary but had some cool moments. the fourth, while originally neutered by a pg-13 rating had at least some flair. I think an unrated or an r-rated cut came out so I guess that makes up for it. the fifth die hard was just trash. it didn’t even feel like a die hard movie. just a random bruce willis netflix movie. like I would watch it on a sunday if I didn’t have anything to do. for real, a real die hard movie is bruce willis, facing impossible odds, most likely stuck in a one specific locale. bruce is gonna take hits, slow down a bit but he still is gonna get the job done, all the while having trouble with his family in the background.    

after watching man of steel again I can truthfully say I kind of mess with it. it was something different. I do agree with the fact that the clark/lois relationship felt kind of rushed and a little off, there are some great things stemming from this movie. We get a dope superman costume and some added mythology, cool set pieces, and pretty solid ground for other dc movies to come from. yeah the characters make some dumb decisions and superman is a little rusty when it comes to actually saving metropolis but overall it’s a dope movie. 

michael shannon as zod is just pure gold. 

charles barkleys late end nike sigs are heavily slept on.