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Keke Palmer.

ok so I just watched the amazing spider-man 2 and my mind is just buzzing. overall the movie was only just aight. of course the chemistry between peter and gwen was the best aspect of the film. but flaws were too large to ignore. the movie ended up being cluttered, felt rushed and too focused on the future instead of establishing a good ground work. there’s so much that could have been done to help things out. first off you had two actors who are oscar winners and you didn’t use them effectively. my mans jaime foxx was doing the best he could with such a one note role. I feel like they could have expanded his part a little more. they ave him the whole “I feel invisible, no one knows me” cliche. that was good for introducing the character but they need a little more after he turned into electro because his hatred towards spider-man could have been padded. on the other hand with chris cooper he should have become the green goblin. dane had some moments but they should have built up the chemistry between him and peter. I will say that that’s on thing that the previous trilogy got right, which was the peter/harry relationship and buildup, minus the third one. and that goblin costume was trash, straight up. no more power rangers armor and iron man exoskeletons. give me the ultimate version of green goblin. chris cooper could have been a dope goblin. speaking about villains, one thing that the spider-man movies and hell most superhero movies struggle with are multiple villains. electro should have been the focus, pushing the osborn story into the background, essentially making the third film in the series about fathers and sons and introducing us to the green goblin. the inclusion of the rhino didn’t bother me but they should have ended that fight at the end. speaking of the end, we need to put an end to the uncle ben storyline. I know a whole bunch of people who criticized the first movie for this and you would think the writers would notice things like that.  another thing that the new spider-man movies lacks is pacing or just a general flow. the first movie didn’t have it as bad but this movie just had event, following event, following event. the pacing needed some work.  if there are some positives  will say that they handled the death of gwen stacy pretty well. no long winded speech or ten minute death sequence. it was like in the dark knight rises when bane broke batman’s back, in the sense that it happened and the movie didn’t waver on it too long. overall I feel like this could have been a way better movie. they were too busy planning ahead and trying to do teasers instead of telling a nice even story. spider-man 2>the amazing spider-man 2

streamline the whole lethal weapon franchise. I’m keeping the first, second and the fourth. the third was kind of forgettable but those first two? classic action cinema. the fourth wraps everything nice, with jet li killing that villain role and chris rock bringing some much needed humor. 

streamline the whole die hard franchise. I’m keeping the first, second, third and fourth. one and three are bonafide action movie classics. the second is kind of unnecessary but had some cool moments. the fourth, while originally neutered by a pg-13 rating had at least some flair. I think an unrated or an r-rated cut came out so I guess that makes up for it. the fifth die hard was just trash. it didn’t even feel like a die hard movie. just a random bruce willis netflix movie. like I would watch it on a sunday if I didn’t have anything to do. for real, a real die hard movie is bruce willis, facing impossible odds, most likely stuck in a one specific locale. bruce is gonna take hits, slow down a bit but he still is gonna get the job done, all the while having trouble with his family in the background.